Are involved in a project where you need the telescopic mast? Choosing the right telescopic mast for your project can help you to accomplish your mission. A RATT is a portable tower that you need to use when you are using devices cameras, antenna, and lighting. That doesn't mean that The RATT is the only option you have in the market for a telescopic mast for your project. This article is going to discuss some of the important things you should consider before choosing the telescopic mast for your assignment.

First, consider the type of vehicle that is suitable to use telescopic mast. You need to research before you decide which mast you will be using so that you will know if it's compatible with your vehicle. Before you buy the RATT you must have any 2*2" hitch receiver for the attachment of the telescopic mast. If your vehicle doesn't meet these specifications then you are sure the RATT isn't your option. The telescopic mast that is powered by your vehicle is the best to choose because you don't have to look for external sources of power for you to use the telescopic mast.

The projects you can achieve with the telescopic mast you have chosen. A telescopic mast should help you to do a wide range of projects as you wish. These may include and not limited to Long-range surveillance, SWAT calls, high-risk warrants, or investigations. Also, it should be useable in crime scene surveillance and 3D laser scanning, Foreground safety and accountability with thermal imaging and video, public events like parades, festivals, sports events, and others.

The other thing you need to consider is to ease to use. You should choose a telescopic mast that is easy for you to install and use. The complicated telescopic mast will cost you time which can mean a delay to your project. When you find an easy to use telescopic mast you don't need to spend time training on how to use it and you also will not be making calling now and then asking for support. Moreover, you will be confident in the field when you know you can fix anything in case of anything. The RATT you can fix it within 2 minutes and you will be good to go. Kindly view here to gain more info.

Then you need to know the storage of the telescopic mast. When you are using the telescopic mast in a crime scene or any other field you need to get quality videos and audios and safe they for later use. You need to choose a telescopic mast that provides high-quality storage of your data both locally and to the cloud. Compare different options and choose a telescopic mast that has a low maintenance cost. You can always get that by reading the reviews of the clients that have used the telescopic mast before.

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